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so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

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forse con te..

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A scuola guardavo fuori dalla finestra e sognavo di essere da un’altra parte.
Anonimo ha chiesto: can't find the video. Could u please tell me what Josh said?



That at the end of the day it’s going to be Emma’s choice to be with Hook and that regardless of who it is, David’s never going to be happy with anybody because she’s his daughter. He talked about Hook being both a villain and a hero and how he’s seen the good in him. He talks about the Charming/Emma dance and wardrobe scene and how Charming’s biggest fear was failing her. There was a lot of Daddy Charming feelings happening okay

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At the end of the day, it’s got to be her choice.

A Captain Swan thank you fic: Brownout


This is just a little something silly for my new (and old!) followers. Thanks again!

Rated PG-13 maybe? 1200ish words. Only posting here on Tumblr for now. Enjoy!


In spite of the true love’s kiss exchanged between Emma and Killian, the two were not particularly affectionate in the public eye. The looks they shared were as heated and tension-filled as they ever were, but it was rare to see them touch or kiss when in the presence of others. Sure, there was the occasional fleeting caress of a hand or shoulder, and they stood close enough to look like they were touching, but not quite. When they did touch though, well, it was a problem for everyone.

Regina and Charming were elected (by a small committee of Snow and Robin Hood and a fist full of straw to draw from) to approach the couple with regard to a situation that came to light over the week before. The issue took a few weeks to pick up on, the pattern seemingly random. It wasn’t until Regina noticed that it happened on the nights or days she had Henry, that she figured it out and brought it to the attention of others…well, really only Robin. The laughter her discovery caused made him shoot wine out of his nose, but he assured her it was worth the burning nasal cavity to be able to hassle his new friend mercilessly later. See, the problem was, every time Emma and Killian had sex, it caused a town-wide brown out. Once they even managed a complete blackout that lasted about a half an hour.

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you know that only the good die young

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