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If Tomorrow Never Comes, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction →


Killian worries that when he’s gone Emma won’t know how much he loved her. Based on the song “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks. Captain Swan with a little bit of Captain Cobra.

In Her Eyes →


Summary: Everybody talks about how Killian looks at Emma. But do you know how she looks at him? Also on FF.net
Rating: T
Word Count: 1 252

For so long now she has been his star, his every constellation. She has been the light guiding him home. And Killian thinks it’s only natural that…



 Emma has never heard Killian sing before, until he is comforting their sleepy newborn.

 Words: 836


It’s only been two hours Emma thought as she rolled over in bed, turning down the baby monitor that sat blinking on her bedside table. She quickly wiped the sleep from her eyes and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, her feet quietly hitting the floor as she forced herself up and out of the cozy mountain of pillows and blankets.

 She jumped as she heard a sudden humming coming from the baby monitor. Emma’s head whipped around, expecting Killian to be lying on the other side of the bed asleep, but he wasn’t there.

 A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as she realized what was going on. Killian had most likely slipped out of the room to comfort their infant son as soon as he heard him cry, not wanting to wake up Emma. He had been doing that lately, ever since they made the switch from the baby sleeping in a bassinet next to their bed to his own nursery down the hall. He was worried about him being on his own.

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Label [cs ficlet]


A little ficlet based on this interview and some filming spoilers. Basically nonsensical fluff, really.


When they kiss outside the diner, it feels inevitable. It feels only natural, they fall into it so easily, and there’s something strangely calm about it. A sort of certainty, in his thumb on her cheek, the way she can’t help her smile.

They lean together and kiss and kiss and just… kiss, and it feels simple. It feels right. Emma doesn’t care who sees, or what to call this - it just is, and she wants to enjoy it. She’s damn well determined to enjoy this.

Their shoulders brush together as they walk back inside together.

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All The Things →


Also on ff.net

Summary: All the things he could’ve said… A series of scenes in Killian’s point of view in which he reveals his thought process and subsequently, the words he wishes he could speak but is too afraid to say. Mostly Captain Swan scenes but I’m open to suggestions!


I want all the hugs. →


I want protective hugs.

Killian quickly pulls Emma into his arms, shielding her against the harsh, icy winds that swirled around them…she shivers as she buries herself into his chest, burying herself into him as much as she can, protecting herself from the bitter cold.

I want “thank god you’re…

Lend me a Hand →


cause the “two-handed hook” spoiler had me thinking (this is unedited so bare with me if there are any grammar mistakes)

cs fluffiness :)

forgive the awful title, like I’ve said before I am just awful with them


"Are you sure you want to do this, Killian?"

Emma sits with…

Killian Loses His Eyeliner →


Some work days are just better than others. Today was not one of the day’s. Between a bar fight at The Rabbit Hole, a riot outside the Pawn Shop, and a rather grumpy… Grumpy, Emma was beat.

Oh, and who could forgot the seemingly eternal winter and the fact the town was literally starting to…

Captain Cobra - Operation “Left-Hand”


A/N: So I know there has been heated debates about the possible return of Killian’s left-hand. I just want to put it out there that I am one of the fans that is neutral. I dont have a problem with him getting his hand back, and I also dont have a problem if he keeps his hook. But, I saw a little theory drabble yesterday about Henry being the one to find his hand and I couldnt shake it so I wrote this out. It’s un-beta’d so hopefully it’s not to messed up. Enjoy!

Rated F for fluff


Henry had been acting peculiar since his return home after spending the day with Gold and Belle at the pawn shop. It didn’t escape Killian’s notice that he was being strangely vague with his responses to his and Emma’s questions about the happenings of his day.

After dinner, Killian had insisted that Emma go take a nice, warm bath. Defeating the ice queen a few days ago took a lot out of everyone in town, but most of all Emma. This is Storybrooke, after all, no one can know how long the calm will actually last. So, he wanted his savior to take a moment for herself and relax. He poured her a generous helping of wine and ushered her into the bathroom with her reading contraption called a “kindle” promising that he and the lad would clean up the kitchen.

Henry rinsed the dishes and handed them to Killian to load into the dishwasher. They had been at it for a few minutes in silence, when Henry finally spoke, “Killian, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, lad, ask away!” Killian replied happily continuing on with the task at hand.

“Well, I was wondering if –“ he paused, and stumbled over his words, “When I was in Gold’s shop I saw – “ he sighed and rubbed his hand down his face, exasperated at himself for not being able to articulate his thought. It’s a mannerism he acquired from Emma, one that Killian found endearing.

Realizing Henry’s struggle, Killian stopped what he was doing and turned to him. Placing his hand on his shoulder and gently squeezing, “You don’t need to be nervous, m’boy, just ask away.”

Henry dropped his arms in defeat and turned to look Killian in the eye before blurting out “If you could – if there was a way – to get your left hand back, would you want it?”

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